It’s been a while since we did a Q&A.  I’m not going to lie, we’ve been so busy here it has been kind of hard to keep up but it’s back, probably in monthly format but here to answer your questions so keep them coming on it to us!!

Whats the difference between a Hybrid rugged device and a fully Rugged one?

In essence a hybrid rugged Smartphone is much more smartphone-like in it’s design so slim, big screen, Android, and no keypad, but it still retains many of the benefits of a Rugged PDA, like bigger batteries, fully rugged cases, IP ratings etc.  They are also hugely less in price favouring a shorter innovation cycle rather than long TCO life cycles.  Theyt also need to be supported, repairable and offer all the enterprise goodies that are needed in day to day business life like MDM, KIOSKing and customisation. Yes they do seem too good to be true!!

So why not buy a smartphone, I can get older ones of those for £150 each?

They’re not rugged so they will break a lot, only newer, more expensive ones have comparable technology, these don’t. They often have smaller screens, small batteries, they are not repairable or supported and the life cycle is uncertain on them.  They aren’t a good choice for business due to the risks involved.

What breaks more phones? Drops or water/dust damage?

Drops by a clear mile.  In a recent survey by Zagg, they found that as a percentage the following caused damage:

38% – Dropped in some way

7% – Water damage

of the rest most were down to scratching, pocket damage or when exiting a chair or vehicle.

Are Hybrid devices repairable and can we buy support packs for them?

Absolutely, proper hybrid devices should at the least have a UK lead warranty and repair facility but also should have a 1 or 2 year support pack available covering accidental damage and giving an SLA. if they don;t offer that, they’re not worth it!

Isn’t a smartphone with a great case on it better or at least as good?

You know what if you go IOS and that’s what you go for then money’s not the main thing anyway.  Buy a Lifeproof case for £100 and you’ll probably be fine. But cheaper devices with cases are not as good as an inherently rugged Hybrid device because whilst a case will help, it still won’t stop internals of a device getting damaged by the shock of a fall.  Rugged kit is built form the ground up to deal with drops. A case can get in the way too.  With you holders still work with and without the case attached for example?  By the time you add a decent case the price can be up to Hybrid price levels anyway.

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