“Yes they make it!” This week our Q&A is answering all questions Sewoo focussed!

1. Why would I buy a rugged portable printer?

For the same reasons as any other rugged mobile device. They’re waterproof, droppable and repaired quickly! Rugged = built for enterprise.

2. Do Sewoo printers work with Bluetooth?

Yes, all of them have USB, Serial or bluetooth as an option or as standard.  You can opt for WiFi printing too but that is tricky to get working.

3. But bluetooth is rubbish these days isn’t it?

Oh where have you been living the past few years? Bluetooth seamlessly streams music, calls and all kinds of data these days and it’s also come a long way in it’s connectivoty holding and power usage too.  We consider Bluetooth a firm favourite way to connect a printer to a mobile device.

4. Are there any cables to connect Sewoo printers to Pidion devices?

Come talk to us, we’ll make them up for you no problems or you can make your own as the connector specs are freely available, just ask us here for help.

5. Are there any issues with using the non-rugged mini-printers?

No issues, you still get the same efficient print engines but there are some considerations on the size of printer you need:

Big is bad for

Weight & size

but good for

Big battery, big receipt/label roll, usually rugged, usually able to fit more connection options and screen.

6. Do Sewoo printers work with IOS?

Not quite yet, but watch this space, it’s on the way!

Remember just tweet in to @ruggedandmobile using #RAMQQ or send us an email and we’ll answer it!


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