So this week our Q&A seems to have focussed on Phablets in general, thus the title!

1. What Rugged phablets are there on the market right now?

There’s not any, these are the ones we know about:

  • Raptor R5
  • Arbor Gladius 5
  • Pidion BM180 / BP30 (coming soon)

2. Which one is best

Well they all need you to have a look at the spec sheet to be honest.  In terms of spec the Raptor is the best, it’s also probably the most rugged and if you want an Android based rugged phablet it’s hard to beat.  The Gladius adds scanning features and so becomes the default for anyone working with barcodes, but the BM180/BP30 could change the game bringing Android andf WE8 to the table on the same device.

3. Panasonic have a 5″ device though?

Yes, but it runs the full Windows 8 Pro OS.  It’s a mini tablet, not a smartphone.

4. Samsung Note3 with a case?

You know what, in some scenarios it can work but remember the Note is probably more expensive, a case never quite means rugged, durable yes but rugged no and its not optimised for the Enterprise like a rugged device is.

5. Will we see cheaper alternatives to the rugged phablet?

Well the Gladius 5 is already sub £600, what more do you want!!  Pidion’s always have a habit of being reasonably priced so I see price going one way on these like all devices.


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