So this week our Q&A naturally answers questions on the Apple reveal earlier this week and we answer questions about the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. I’ve answered as many questions here as I can.

1.  Does the iPhone 6 have sapphire glass?

Nothing was mentioned about it, nothing on the spec sheets about tough glass so we’ll be seeing plenty of them in our repair centre then!

2. So what’s all this talk about Sapphire glass then?

Well it’s probably because the Watch uses it along with a new pressure sensitive toughened glass

3. Will both iPhones come out together?

Yes, you can order them from today and they will be on sale on the 19th Sept.

4. Will my iPhone 5 work with the Watch?

Yes, the 5, 5S and 5C all work with the Watch

5. Will my iPhone 5S work with Apple pay?

Unfortunately not on its own, largely due to not having an NFC chip in  but if you go look at the Apple pay website it clearly shows images of the iPhone6, iPhone6+ and an iPhone 5S with Watch so maybe that combo will allow people who have only just traded up to 5S the option of using Apple Pay with the Watch.

6. Why is Apple pay better than my EE wallet?

Well I use the EE wallet and I think thiese are the main reasons why Apple pay will work and E wallet won;t:

  • Apple pay has far better hardware and a far better process to paying.
  • Apple is working with loads of retailers and is the only payment provider who has all the main VISA, AMEX etc on board.
  • Apple Pay has an SDK so there will be a plethora of apps coming out every day that use it.
  • Apple pay will work with all the 5S and 5C users with the Watch.

7. Do you see the Watch taking hold in the Data capture market?

Yes, yes I do actually. Before Apple unveiled their version of the watch I have to admit I was sceptiocal but this really does change everyhting for us here at RAM.  We’re already wondering how Apple will impact stuff we build and make here.

8. But it’s not rugged?

I know, but the iPhone 6 is so compelling with so many Enterprise features now that it cannot be ignored any more.

9. Did I see that the Apple Watch comes in 2 sizes?

Indeed yes it does, a larger more chunky affair and a smaller one that I presume will befit the smaller wrist!

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