This week its all about repair, service and warranty.  Keep the questions rolling in, we’ll answer them all and publish the best of them right here.

1.  Thank-you so much for this week’s articles, they’ve really cleared up a lot for me. One question I have is whether we can just get a quick repair service but based on Warranty?

If you buy certain kit with us, you get a  product called Warranty+.  Go check it out as it might be exactly what you’re looking for.  if you want to bring devices in to it we can talk.

2. Does comprehensive cover include theft?

No unfortunately not, it never has either.  One of the terms of this service is that the device has to be repairable and if we can;t see it then that means we can;t deal with it.

3. In your opinion is Comprehensive service really worth?  We can;t add up the figures to make it viable.

Well on one hand, many customers are now veering away from it as long as they get a decent warranty and out of warranty service. You can keep a few swap out devices yourself to give yourself same dame replacement whilst your faulty kit is being repaired.]

Some businesses are making users pay for repairs, some are educating them better on how to use their devices more appropriately and some people are using all the accessories like cases and screen guards to minimise repairs.

We say why worry though?  Here you can try it for 12 months, drop it after that if it didn’t work out.

4. How much is a comprehensive service?

Well it works out roughly at about 25% of the price of the devices you buy for 2 or 3 years.  So for a Pidion BM170 its about £150 for 2 years.  However when you consider your own iPhone contract will be costing you £12-15 per month (£150+ per year) that’s great value for money.

5. What’s Rugged Bear Repair?  I saw your logo on it?

Our MD, Dave is a bear or at least that’s his nick name here.  He likes rugged devices, he hates it when they go wrong so  Rugged…Bear…Repair.  What’s there to not understand!! 😉 Seriously this is a definite watch this space.

6. Can I get a back link for a published question?

What you don;t want to contribute freely!!  Seriously though we can’t do that any more as too many people were demanding changes and link exchanges.  it doesn’t work anyway with SEO any more.  Write something awesome yourself and let us know and we’re much more likely to link to that.

That’s it for another week folks, keep sending those questions in, use #RAMQQ on twitter @ruggedandmobile or just email them in.

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