Our Q&A summary of the week comes on Saturday today because we just couldn’t fit it in during the week!, We’re covering questions on the Raptor range of rugged devices this week.  Keep the questions rolling in @ruggedandmobile or using #RAMQQ or using Facebook.

1. When will the Raptor R5 be available to buy.

It should be available to order next week, the price will be just under £600 including our free Warranty+ support product.

2. Will a 3000mAh battery last me the whole day on 1 charge?

It’s a tough question and really does depend on lots of things, search our blog here to see lots of advice on batteries.  If you’re worried about battery life then the R4 is the better choice for you.  Its the same device, just a tad slower but most people won’t even realise that but it has a 4200mAh battery which is 40% larger.

The Raptors also all all have a vehicle charger in the box so you can always get a quick charge in the vehicle if you need one.

3.  Will a 5″ screen use up power more than a smaller one?

Yes it will.  Screens are one of the biggest drains on battery life and the bigger they are, the more power they use.  You can reduce the brightness and make sure your power saving options are on which will help hugely.

4. I want to buy the R4 for my engineers, but want the R4s for my sales team and maybe even the R5 or R7’s for other people in my  business.  Will I need help managing the different devices?

No, in fact any repairs are logged in the same place, in the same way and the devices all run Android v4 and will be easy to manage.  We have tested and pre-installed various apps onto the devices to help with managing them too.

5. Does the R7 have 3G as standard?

Yes, in fact it has a phone chip so it has phone and 3G so your data can be synced on the move over the 3G network.

6. Can you take out the 3G chip to save money?

£400 for a fully rugged 7″ tablet and you want to save more money!!  Seriously though, the price is reflected in the fact there is 1 choice per model, the full spec and we think even against devices with no 3G in them the prices are really competitive.

7. Can I have a better service pack with a Raptor device, like Service form the start Motorola do?

We’ve been supporting and repairing here for years and we run service packs on a range of brands from right here in Liverpool, running warranty/out of warranty and full comprehensive services with a managed service being launched soon on brands big and small.  We’re also friendly, polite, knowledgeable, passionate about what we do, eager to help and you get to talk to us when you need to. Don’t forget that service is as much about people as it is about technology and processes.  All Raptors benefit from our full gamut of services.

Keep sending those questions in, use #RAMQQ on twitter @ruggedandmobile or just email them in.


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