This week we have a 3G focussed weekly Q&A. The best stuff we had in is right here:  Don’t forget that if you have a question then just let us know via twitter on @ruggedandmobile or using #RAMQQ or using Facebook.

1.I have a Motorola MC35, what level of 3G does it have?

These little critters used Edge or 2.5G. It was duplexed so you could take calls and receive data at the same time and I am almost sure they had class 10 GPRS so you could theoretically get 200KBit/s

2. Are 3G networks the same as GPRS ones?

Yes and no.  In laymen’s terms the networks in the UK simply got upgraded, but in technical terms, the masts had to be upgraded with new antenna and the phones needed to use 3G required newer chips.

3. I heard that 4G can’t degrade to 3G is that true?

No, if you have a 4G smartphone, rugged pda or tablet then they all degrade back to 3G or even GPRS is required. If they didn’t then you would only be able to reliably use them in London and other main cities in the UK right now. You only have to go camping to see how much of your phone signal is still on GPRS in the UK so we’re still a little off the 4G utopia the networks think we have!!!

4. I’m looking to buy loads of Rugged PDA’s and they need to last for 3-5 years.  Will I need 4G?

That really depends on what you’re doing with them.  If you have or are expecting heavy data usage, say for media streaming or large uploads/downloads then 4G would be useful.  However there’s not an awful lot 3G can’t do if you get HSPA+ or even HSUPA.  I think 4G will need a fair few years to catch up with the reality of what it brings into the Enterprise/business market.

5. Why are 3G speeds quoted in Mega Bits per second, not Mega Bytes per second.

I have no idea, but I bet you it’s something to do with making them look faster than they really are!! Serioulsy though there are 8 bits to the Byte so you just need to do the maths to work it out.

That’s it for another week folks, keep sending those questions in, use #RAMQQ on twitter @ruggedandmobile or just email them in.

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