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1. TY for the explanation of MIL testing this week, however is there anything that measures how crush resistant a rugged handheld computer is?

That’s a great question and we had to go ask a few people and look around to answer this one.  The altitude and immersion tests could assess how easily a device can be crushed but I think you’re on about physical force. In that case we can;t find anything specific in MILSTD810G.  There are crush style tests in other areas of the document, for example ones that cover wiring, but none that we can find applicable to a rugged device!  We’d be open to comments about that one.  Maybe we should think about that for next weeks blogs!

2. How cold can it get in a warehouse in the UK and do I need to worry?

Actually yes, we had a few installations in the super cold winters of 2011/12 that started behaving really oddly.  We found that the devices and batteries on a couple were being stressed by the low temperatures, added to by the windchill and in one project the UHF RFID testing we were doing reduced to centimetres due to the cold.

3. What’s the weakest element of a device when it comes to ruggedness?

The obvious answer is the LCD, we see more of these come in for repair than anything else but this is generally.  I’d say right up there are batteries that have been left in the cold, styluses and tethers being torn off.

4. All these newer Android based rugged smartphones are sporting IP67 and 1.2M drop specs.  Is this really rugged?

There’s a new wave of durable but not fully rugged devices like the TC55 and 70e. The idea of these devices is that they are durable enough for many mobile users and have rugged PDA style support thats more focussed on business users.  However with so many fully rugged smartphone alternatives available like Gen2Waves RP1300, Winmates e430 and Pidions HM45, you have a great choice.

5. This isn’t related to ruggedness but can you tell me what barcode scanner the Dotel H300S has in it?

The Dotel H300S uses an Opticon based scanner for its laser 1D barcode scanner and the Adaptus based one for 2D scanning.  Both are real top notch tech.

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