Phew, so we got a fair bit of chatter form yesterday’s post.  I’ll do my best to answer everything I can here. If you have a question then just let us know via twitter on @ruggedandmobile or using #RAMQQ or using Facebook.

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1. When will be the last date the ES400 can be bought?

Well the official last date is 1st September, however I would imagine that stocks will have run dry before that date.

2. Why is this such short notice, it thought this was a rugged device?

Well it would never have been sold as a “rugged” device from here!  The ES400 is a small, cheap device and if certain chips or modules stop being made then so do these.  It was the same with the MC35.

3. I’m in the middle of rolling out a large deployment, what do I do?

You either buy what you need now or you need to look at alternative devices.  Motorola are offering the MC45.  We think that’s not going to be anywhere near an option for many ES400 users so go here and check out all the other small options you can go for.  You might be surprised!

4. What will happen to my support?

If you’re covered by a support contract then that will be honoured, however warranty customers will have no g’tee of support past the warranty date.

5. If I am a Warranty+ customer does that change anything?

Yes, we have so many ES400 parts we don’t know what to do with them!! You’ll be fine, we planned for this.  We have ways of getting parts, we can fabricate parts too so if push comes to shove we’re OK for 12 months here.

If you do buy alternative kit and run a hybrid platform then your support processes all remain the same.  You simply continue to log any issues with the same portal so nothing changes.  We are experts on everything we sell so don’t worry.

6. I’m not a customer of yours, what do I do?

You go back to your reseller and they handle all repairs/returns for you.  If you’re in dire straights and work openly and honestly with us we will try to help you!

7. OK, so what if my reseller is Ebay or a Refurb outlet?

You have to find a reseller who will be good enough to sort your repairs out for you or you need to contact Motorola yourself.  Good luck!

8. What if I just need help or advice on the product?

Well this ends 1st May 2015, so you need to go talk to your reseller who should be able to help.

That’s it for another week folks, keep sending those questions in, use #RAMQQ on twitter @ruggedandmobile or just email them in.

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