This post is our weekly Q&A summary of the week, covering the most topical and popular issues and questions we encounter every week. It’s eclectic but it’s worth sharing so don’t forget that if you have a question then just let us know via twitter on @ruggedandmobile or using #RAMQQ or using Facebook.

1. I have a question about last weeks screen sizes blog, What is the main difference between in VGA and WVGA?

The main difference is in the resolution and how the screen resolution is distributed.  VGA is 640 high by 480 pixels wide, WVGA is the same but just adds a little bit of extra height to the screen with 800 pixels high and the same 480 wide.  This means that older Windows Mobile apps might not port very well without some interface redesign due to the extra space not being used.

2. I have an HTC One X+, how do you hard reset it?

We don’t sell smartphones here, they’re not the right tool for what we do but since someone was doing thsi last weekend with their own phone here, go here for everything you need!

3. Someone told me a qwerty or numeric keypad isn’t right for my warehouse device, can you help me?

That someone is probably right, although for many basic applications a numeric keypad is often fine.  In a warehouse you tend to be dealing with aisles, segments and bays, essentially addressing and finding products by letters and numbers. So, you find yourself needing to tap in aisle letters and then column and then bay numerics.  A better keypad is one of the “Long keypads” these are optimised with A, B, C keypads at the top and numbers at the bottom specifically designed to make warehouse apps more ergonomic. Go here as we have some really inexpensive versions that might be great for you.

4. Is Android taking off yet?  We like Android here but are worried it’s not so good on a rugged device. Can you help?

Who told you that!!  We’ve been working with Andorid for 2-3 years now, even helping some manufacturers build, tailor and tweak their versions and there are some awesome options for rugged PDA’s using Android now. Guess what… the best options aren’t form the brands you might know either.

Check out our Android section, you might be surprised to find so many.

5. What’s the best way to get a question to you?  I keep emailing but never get published!

It might be because we always have more than 5 questions to publish and we also give priority to social media questions as we have people dedicated to that.  We also only now respond and help people form real business domains so make sure you;re not using your pesky gmail or hotmail account!! Keep trying and you’ll get one in soon!

That’s it for another week folks, keep sending those questions in, use #RAMQQ on twitter @ruggedandmobile or just email them in.

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