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1. You talk about rugged PDA’s getting cheaper but just how cheap are they now?

Well lets take the cheapest one we sell, the Runbo X5.  Its ultra rugged, has a very nice spec and runs Android and we sell these for less than £300 each.  The cheapest Windows mobile based rugged computers we sell are probably the Gen2Wave or Dotel ones which start from about £350.

2. We bought a Motorola ES400, that was over £400 but that didn’t last. Are you sure cheaper is as good?

We don’t like to single out devices but the reason for this is that the Es400 is not rugged! It’s got a 1.2m drop spec and no IP rating so if you were using it in any kind of scenario that ruggedness was expected in then that’s the reason why. Money aside, if you need rugged then you need it!

3. We’re just worried about support. A lot of the cheaper brands don’t have UK based support.

Well most prestige brands have their repair centres further away! It’s true that the bigger brands can have better infrastructure when it comes to support but if you buy form the right reseller then you can gain so much more  form having someone passionate about the brands and support they sell form right here in the uK.



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