So this week we’ve tried to get as many healthcare questions into the Q&A as we could.  Thanks to those who sent them in!  Don’t forget that if you have a question then just let us know via twitter on “ruggedandmobile or using #RAMQQ or using Facebook.

So lets crack on!

1. Your post on what the healthcare industry looks for in mobile devices was very good but I see a lot of iPads in hospitals these days, why as they are clearly not rugged?

Well yes you do, Apple give serious discounts on their kit into education and health so the up front costs are very good. let’s be blunt about this, in some scenarios we see Apple kit thrive, especially in the smaller retails markets, hospitality and maybe even in low ruggedness need business markets.  However where ruggedness and mission critical is key we have yet to see Apple deliver.  The pull their kit too quickly, it’s simply not rugged, it’s desirable so it get pinched and it’s just not designed for the commercial scenario, case or no case.

2.What does Depot charging mean?

Aha! one of those terms we use and forget many customer might not! Deport charging is what we describe as a system where you put all your rugged devices on one place to charge at the end of the day or shift.  So workwer scome in, they pick a device that has been charging overnight, they use it all day and they then pout it back to charge.  Depot is where we talk about quad cradle chargers, charge shelves/racks and it’s very different in it’s nature to the field style of power requirements.

3. Why are antimicrobial devices white?

We have no idea, so we asked about and the top 3 answers we got were:

  • If they’re white you can see if they’re dirty.
  • White is the colour of healthcare and so they fit the perception required,
  • Easy to recognise as a tool for the workplace as they don’t get mixed up with visitors or admin equipment.

4. But isn’t the fact that we’re not passing germs around and thus becoming resistant to them the issue.  We should be getting dirtier not cleaner so how do these really help?

Actually we’ve had that debate many many times over with real hospitals here in the UK and I have to say at least 50% have said something along those lines too.  At the end of the day the healthcare trained experts should ultimately make this decision. What a rugged reseller or IS provider should do is understand the facts about this and give healthcare a choice.  However there are certainly areas where you do need a clean environment and where this has been a non-argument option taken.

5. Can you wash healthcare antimicrobial devices under the tap?

Yes as they tend to be IP rated too. See our blog series in a couple of weeks about this.  As long as the device is waterproof, you can wash it.  Antimicrobial coated devices use a special plastic that is much more resistant to the harsh chemicals used to kill germs so they will look and last much better over time but essentially if IP rated the devices should be liquid proof!

That’s it for this week folks, keep sending those questions in, use #RAMQQ on twitter @ruggedandmobile or just email them in.

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