Go back just 10 years and the UK rugged, mobile market was a very different one indeed.  There were 3 or 4 main players, no-one really bought from South Korea and everyone stuck to big, expensive rugged PDA’s that were designed to last years.  There was 1 OS technology to learn, whether you opted for Windows mobile or CE on your devices and many businesses dipping their toe in the water chose cheaper smartphones from the likes of HTC which still ran Windows Mobile and in the right hands could last a couple of years too!

Step forward 5 years and the rise of Asia is hugely apparent in the rugged market with brands like Blurbird Pidion, Mobile Compia and Winmate all making inroads into the rugged market by showing UK businesses just what you could get for your money!  not only have has this competition brought prices down, but they have also driven innovation and created choice in a market that had very little and they have kept what I feel at times is a stale rugged market aligned with modern day business needs.

However the choice was largely all about the size, shape, quality and cost of what was essentially the same Rugged PDA technology.

Come to the present day though and we now have all kinds of new considerations that can trip businesses up when deciding on their mobile solution.  We have choice in Operating System with Android, Windows Mobile, IOS and even Windows Phone all bringing something to the table.  We have Rugged PDA’s designed like they have been for years that do Android. Rugged smartphones with the latest and greatest Android specs, screen size choice that confuses even the most savvy customer and support products and services that confuse and do what they can get away with, rather than doing the right thing.

What will it be like 5 years from now and how will your business need to change in order to adapt?

I’m thinking wearables, drones, 3D printing, Windows Embedded 8, new API’s and you can bet your bottom dollar there’s more we don’t even know about yet!  It’s no wonder that we see a lot of businesses choosing in a way that we don’t understand but is this now a mistake that can be recovered from form with Mobile being the heart of business in 2014?

The role of the expert, technology and passion driven reseller is ever more important, find one that can help and wants to help you over the years and you should keep them close to your heart.

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Dave's one of the founders of Raptor, his rants are memorable, his thoughts are stimulating and his heart is set on helping, entertaining and making things like mobile, Android, ruggedness, 3D printing and IOT simple.

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