Initially met with huge scorn, the phablet has recently gone from strength to strength, sucking sales figures from all similar products around it.  Even we have our very own rugged business phablet in the Raptor R5 but just what makes the phablet so popular and why is the storm coming to business?

In true celebrity style, the phablet take sit name partially from “smartPHone” and partially from TABlet” and for a mobile device to be to be classed as a Phablet it  needs to be a fully fledged smartphone but with an oversized 5 to 6″ screen.  The first ones came out via the Samsung Note range and I remember the bad press they got from everyone, saying the were too bulky, looked ridiculous that they were a passing fad. However  with a heathy 27% of the mobile device market and growing in the form of the latest versions of the iPhone 6S+, Samsung note and the fact that all manufacturers have at least one phablet in their range means the larger form factor device is going no-where fast!

Phablet popularity continues to grow through 2015/16

Phablet popularity continues to grow through 2015/16

So just where does Phablet popularity come from?

Well first of all we’re still buying mobile devices, but consumers are tending to buy more phablets and that has the effect of cannibalising sales from other categories of mobile handheld devices.  If you look at the chart above you’ll see almost every category is falling other than the phablet one and this is accelerating as we go into 2016.  You can also see how much more aggressively adopted phablets are in countries, less mature in mobile adoption.  This is because those buying a smart device for the first time are simply cutting out the Tablet and smartphone and going straight for the phablet.

So what makes the phablet so popular?

I spoke to loads of people about this over the past few months and it seems that once someone turns to a phablet, there’s no going back.  I should know, i was one way back in Samsung Note 3 days!

“It’s like a sweet spot for screen size”, “6 inches is enough to get everything done you need to but it’s small enough to still be used like a smartphone”, “It still fits easily into my handbag, so I like the larger size”, all of these comments came from very different people.

It seems that the phablet has found a real niche where it’s able to be a “can do it all” device and this is where businesses have now started to take heed.  I’m going to post later on in the week about this but in a nutshell businesses are now starting to wake up to how 1 device is all they need to get their jobs done too!

So there’s no doubt that the once joked about phablet sized device has coe of age and is slowly taking over the mobile world category by category!


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