I’m always keeping up with Android as I love the little mobile OS so much!! but what’s really interesting to me is just how the:

The fragmentation of the OS


the Innovation of new OS’s


The strain on the big handset makers to adopt new OS’s


The cheaper Android One crew

is panning out and how it’s affecting the adopting of Android 6.0 Marshmallow or any new OS version Android brings out for that matter.

Turns out Android v5.x, IE Lollipop is the only version growing right now with a big 3% bump in users as seen above in the graphic.  With 4.3/4.4 still going strong too.  Hmm, maybe that’s because i’m still using my Samsung Note 3 with a perceived (by me) ceiling OS version of 5.1 and I can’t find anything else right now to buy that can replace it with something better! Big TY to Samsung by the way for telling me, a Note user for many years that I don’t need a note any more and an edge 6+ will do me just fine!  I don’t think so!!

I think more to the point thius is also down t the fact we’re seeing so much slow down in the mobile smartphone and tablet market now as the ability to innovate in this market is reaching limits.

So it’s official, Android 5 is the new 40!!


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