I read a great article last week about the average price of smartphones and the thought struck me that we’re seeing the same happen in the rugged market too but the high end is not who you think it might be.

Not many people know this but the top 3 rugged brands right now are in fact Dell, Panasonic and Getac, all selling high priced equipment.  So at the bottom of the pile we have all the Android adopters like Gen2Wave, Winmate and brands like Raptors that are all making great equipment, have great features, have great service and are, put quite simply, good enough.

So who’s in the waistline of the hourglass market in the rugged world?  Well all the usual lot Motorola, AKA Zebra, AKA Symbol?  Intermec, Honeywell, Bluebird Pidion.  The list goes on with the usual suspects filling it.  My question is that in a market that is becoming highly commoditised, is the middle ground the place to be?  Marketing theory suggest not, and it also suggest that one of the key signs of failure is buying competitors out.

Is it time for real change in the Rugged industry? Well we think that this change is upon us and a whole new wave of brands will be swept aside as a whole set of new ones come in at the bottom.

Is a £300 rugged Android smartphone good enough these days…For many it’s more than good enough it seems!

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