Android is popular but I don’t think a lot of people realise just how dominant the Android mobile OS has become in the mobile operating system space and in turn just how important it has become to businesses trying to choose the right devices for their business.

I’ve written this article to try to dispel some of the myths I hear from businesses about Mobile OS and to try to make sure people know what;s going on.

Android has won (Courtesy of Android Authority)

Android has won (Courtesy of Android Authority)


By far the most common OS now full stop, that in includes full Windows, Unix/Linux whatever.  Android is the most common OS and that’s that!  This means that developers want to code for it, devices are being based on it and despite the teething troubles with fragmentation Android has (Which are a symptom of growth), it’s still growing, it’s getting better and better and it’s now mature.

Microsoft Windows whatever!

Do you know what Microsoft’s latest mobile operating systems are called…Thought not and that’s exactly my point.  Firstly if we take their consumer OS, Wndows 10 mobile, this is what you find on the Lumia branded phones, then numbers have fallen back to about 1.7% of market share which is a step back to where they started form.  almost 5 years in the mobile OS market and Microsoft haven;t made a dent.  Even W10 on tablets is struggling.

Looking at the Enterprise mobile OS, which is essentially the Windows Mobile line and you see a huge shift away from it.  1-2 years ago businesses were waiting for Microsoft.  Its the risk-less bet right?  Wrong.  I said it then and I say it now.  The risk is waiting for Microsoft to get their act together.

Windows embedded 10 or whatever its called has been poorly rolled out, Microsoft have fallen out with half of the partners they usually work with like Motorola and Honeywell and the partners they do work with have big Android strategies too.  Most of the rugged suppliers have not got the latest licenses yet so are stuck on WM6.5 which is almost 10 years old now and so Android has naturally come in and saved the day.

Microsoft have lost this one, its just taking years to admit it.

Apple IOS

Look, IOS, despite being only 15% of the market has a lot of backing, a big tribe and plenty of money to go with that, however in my view the innovation has run out a long time ago at Apple and IOS has never been a true enterprise capable OS.  Sure they;re making some inroads with IBM but this is only at the top huge big businesses end of the market.  The true work goes on further down where Android is the choice now.

IOS is also in decline, the graphs show that new versions of the iPhone are barely now keeping it’s market share boosted.  They need to rethink.


But they’re on the way back aren’t they?  Firstly Blackberry have never been an enterprise solution, secondly they are trying to come back but failing miserably and thirdly what they are now doing is Android phones.  Why would you buy an Android phone from Blackberry…?  Seems like a lot of other people have the same question!

So as a business where do you put your investment?  Our advice, keep it cheap, bring your ROI in shorter, keep your options open and if you find a supplier that’s small, expert and willing to work hard with you, not for you, then you’ll be OK!


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