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World smartphone market share 2014/Q2

World smartphone market share 2014/Q2


Android is still growing and taking more and more market share and it’s even making inroads into solid Western markets to like the USA and UK.  With over 250 million units shipped and Android now makes up 85% of the market share.  Android’s strength this quarter was fueled by cheaper devices being sold in Asian markets, especially the $100 to $200 device level and  ultra low-end $100 device and they saw a 16.5% growth in these sub-categories since the first quarter of 2014. This showed in the strength of the top Android manufacturers like Samsung and HTC weakening with suppliers like Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi showing string growth where the top 5 contracted.


Apple is a w funny one.  They showed a slight drop in market share, down to 11.7% from 13.0% in the same quarter last year and this was due to the growing shift of demand toward low-cost smartphones, even in its home market . It seems the iPhone 5C has not addressed this issue but also declining sales of tablets and not having a “phablet” product have contributed to this.  Whilst Apple users eagerly await the latest products, their price point seems too high for most on a global scale. I think the sales of the iPhone 6 will help Apple claw back a little, but not much.

Windows Phone

Up slightly from the first quarter, seeing shipments of 7.4 million. However, whilst Microsoft seem to cheer a lot about their consumer mobile OS, the truth is that this represents a drop of 9.4% from the same period last year. Windows Phone growth continues to come from Nokia with not much happening with other hardware suppliers.


BB actually grew slightly this second quarter, although it remains below one percent share. It is a good sign for the struggling smartphone maker, as most of the increase this quarter came from its BlackBerry 10 devices. This represents only the second quarterly increase for BlackBerry 10 since its release in 2013 and might mean the company has finally botomed out and can go back to growth.  I don’t think so personally but it will help them hopefully find a conclusion in what many are calling their end-game.

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