The WAP G3 is now at the end of it’s life so for all of you G3 users we’ve compiled a list of questions to make sure you know where you stand and what to do:

Are my G3 accessories compatible with G4 devices?

Yes, the device shares the same case and all the accessories fit as far as we know.

Why was the Workabout Pro 3 discontinued?

The same as most discontinuations these days!  Component obsolescence and higher than expected run-rate.

Is there a direct replacement for the Workabout Pro 3?

The Workabout Pro 4 is a direct upgarde device to the WAP G3.  We also have a lot of nice alternatives and experience of people moving from WAP devices on to somehting else so just give us a call if you need some help.

Can I still buy Workabout Pro G3 accessories

Workabout Pro G3 accessories and upgrade modules remain orderable until further notice.

Will Workabout Pro 3 modules (lasers, imagers, radios) work with the Workabout Pro 4?

Unfortunately not, Workabout Pro G3 and Workabout Pro 4 lasers, imagers, and WiFi/3G radios are not compatible with each other.

Is there any Workabout Pro 3 stock still available and when do they stop producing them?

Availability is limited and on a first come first serve basis.  Stock is now dwindling but there is a healthy re-furb market if you;re really stuck!

Just send in any questions to us and we’ll do our best to help.

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