Normally in the rugged handheld PDA world we see manufacturers retro-fitting Android to their devices, but Winmate grow devices from Android soil and add Windows Mobile later!

The Winmate e430T will sit along-side the e430M and will give a really great option of a 4.3″ LCD sized Windows mobile rugged handheld and it’s price will mean that it asks serious questions about buying devices like the Pidion BM170 semi rugged PDA which can struggle in rugged environments.  At about £500 it is more expensive, but the service is UK-based and takes days not weeks, it’s fully IP rated, has a lovely capacitive touch large screen and can be specced with built-in barcode scanner, RFID reader, 3G or 3G less and also comes in antimicrobial versions too.

We’re testing the device soon to see if an Android device will convert happily to a Windows Mobile one and will let you know the results very soon.

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