It’s a little later than most but after being able to reflect on the current main announcements that Microsoft has finally made on the little OS I thought I’d make some thoughtful comments that no-one else is making!

Firstly there’s no point repeating what others have already blogged about.  The main announcement on WM7 is here courtesy of our friends at engadget and there’s a nice article here about the XNA SDK for games producing.

Now on the plus side it looks like Microsoft are doing a heck of a lot to get their new OS up to sctratch but correct me if I’m wrong isn’t WM7 still earmarked for a Q4 release and isn’t Apple and Android at least going to go through 1 more iteration of OS version by then and isn’t WM7 kind of the same as the iPhone with a couple of things added and a few things missing?  What I’m trying to say is that I’m not sure whether this will be enough.

What’s also missing is a load of stuff that interests us business/rugged users.  I mean how will the capacitive, multi touch screen work with POS signature capture?  OK, so there may be stylus’ that cope with this now but how much are they and what happens when they get lost?  There are a load of things I feel that they are not attending to in this area and the most worrying to me is the current understanding that we won’t be able to P/Invoke outside of the managed software area.  OK in a consumer world I can understand this but in the business and rugged world where kisoked applications are running in a very bespoke manner we rely on the ability to P/Invoke to make the solution work as it needs to.  This could be a very interesting time for us!!

To me then WM7 at this point represents an OS that is still trying to take on the consumer market without a clear USP in my view.  What I am most interested in though is how it will pan out for us rugged/business users and how it will allow us to stave off the Android and iPhone attack in this area.  Could the rug get pulled from under Microsoft’s feet here?


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