Motorola recently announced the launch of their new Android phone, describing it as a new and innovative solution to broaden their range of mobile devices.  Sounds great until you hear the name, Motoblur. I’m not sure what the thinking was behind this and Motorola’s marketing campaign, but it’s not a great start. I just hope the phone is more ground breaking.

It takes on a similar sort of format to the Apple iPhone, with programmes and applications put on the front homepage. Motorola have put more emphasis on the social aspect, putting the social web applications on the home page, enabling you to update all of your statuses in a flash. The Motoblur has a “Happenings Application” which lists all of your friend’s updates from each of your social sites. This is a great application to keep you updates with all the social happenings in a flash without having to load up the main social web page.

The messaging works in a similar way to the Apple iPhone, with your messages strung together. Only difference is you don’t have to click in and out of different message to read mail from different email addresses and texts. The Motoblur messaging app also allows you to read messages sent direct from social sites like Twitter and Facebook. This is a really good idea to keep you updated with everything that is happening and messages without having to flick through several screens to keep updated for different accounts.

Motorola have developed a new security feature which allows the user to lock down their Motoblur phone directly by logging on to their Motorola account online. They are also able to see where the phone is using the GPS chip. If it has been lost and now shows on the map it is 100 miles away, the user is able to lock the device so the person who has taken it has no access to any information like contacts emails, and social sites.

I think this is a really great move forward in putting the control in to the hands of the user and allowing them to track their Motoblur phone and manually lock it down when they think it is stolen. I can’t think of the amount of times myself or my friends have lost our phones either in the house or elsewhere and we have wondered if it has been lost or stolen, when we are out or we have just put it down in the house and now can’t find it. This is really great as it gives you piece of mind without the worrying and searching for your phone when you have no idea where it is.

The Motorola Motoblur boasts a 5 megapixel camera and the ability to take snaps and upload them on to Facebook, or Twitter or any other site. This is a great and easy way of keeping in touch and keeping your friends updated with what you are up to. The Motoblur cuts out the hassle of connecting your phone to the pc and working out how to sync it up and then upload all the pics. Motorola have definitely got this right targeting those who haven’t got the technical ability or just don’t have time to do it the old-fashioned way.

As well as all of these features, the Motorola Motoblur is access to Google maps, Google calendar and other apps online. Even though I still think the name is poor and Motorola could have done a lot better, the speciation and the apps that are on the Motoblur definitely make up for this. Motorola Motoblur is definitely the phone for anyone who is addicted to the social sites and making sure they are up to date with all the gossip and happenings that are going on with their friends or followers. The upside however does have a downside, the Motoblur is designed for those who are in to the social scene, it is just not going to appeal to those who are not, and this is where the iPhone is positioned in the market. Overall I think this is a good phone and has taken a niche in the market, just change the name of it!

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