So this week I have got to the point in my love affair with my iPad where I need to take it to the next level in the relationship! Great as it has been so far I want to see if it can truly take the place of a real business tool…….the notepad!

Let me tell you this, getting me to part company with my blue lab book style notepad and trusty bic biro is a lot harder than it sounds, but looking at some of the apps now on the app store I think it could be finally feasible. A paper notebook is great but it also lacks a lot of things that I would love. Cut, paste, the ability to use more colour, undo/redo and the ability to add images and edit the pages as I go along, not to mention indexing and searching. There’s a lot technology could add but it has to do one thing which is to do the basics and well and paper and pen is a very very hard act to follow!

So next weeks great experiment at Rugged and Mobile will therefore be to asses if the iPad can indeed replace my notepad.

How am I going to do this?

Well firstly you need a pen and I’ve already got 2 capacitive pens that will work with the iPad in the post. Secondly you need a good app and I’ll be looking at a few that I think could just fit the bill ranging from basic to quite complex products.

I’ll let you how things go next week!


We’re putting this little research project on hold for the time being.  Success with the capacitive pen has not been great to date and we’re waiting for our own home made C-Pen to be right before we carry on with this.  Still loving the iPad though!!


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