It’s might be a surprise to learn that global tablet sales are actually declining! With the current drive and demand for larger screens so heavy and pricing that has left decent tablet manufacturers not able to make money, just why is this?

Pricing is bottoming out

Whilst pricing has been super aggressive in the tablet market especially, we’re now seeing these literally bottom out as suppliers are forced to try to make money.  We’re also seeing a shift from cheap consumer devices to more expensive, higher quality ones in the business and enterprise markets who are largely coming out of their tablet pilot stages of technology usage. As price decreases have started to slow, demand has followed suit.

Extending technology cycles

Along with higher qulity we’re simply seeing tablet technology not really being pushed as it was.  Just think about it for one minute… How many people do you know rush out to get the latest iPhone or Note$ smartphone on day 1 but then how many are still using iPads from a few years ago quite happily?  What we’re seeing here are 2 things:

  1. Consumers simply don’t need to upgrade their hardware which is good enough for longer periods
  2. Enterprise and business are also able to push replacement cycles up seeking more expensive, higher quality devices which allow for extended replacement cycles without stifling innovation.

The rise of the Phablet

Consumers are taken with the Phablet right now.  So something with a 5-6″ screen and 3G included  is what people and a growing list of businesses want and need.  I have to say we’re seeing demand for that here in the rugged market too with Enterprise catching on to the fact the Phablet is the best device their users can converge onto.  The effect has been an nibbing of 7″ tablet sales form the bottom up as the Phablet becomes the “Do it all” devices that consumers and more businesses these days can solely invest in.

Broken Tablet promises!

A little string perhaps but it has turned out that the tablet is not the 1 stop shop many thought it would be.  I still have trouble using my iPad or Android Note 12″ to publish bogs on, They’re quirky at best when it comes to real business email functionality and trying to develop anything on them, let alone .NET solutions, is night impossible.  All of this usually sees me getting the trusty old laptop out!  What’s interesting is that laptop sales are in huge decline, we all know that, however one of Apple’s most unsung success stories the past 2 years has been the Macbook Air.  It’s the perfect compromise between a laptop and tablet and it seems many have chosen to concede by carrying the MB air and a tablet round with them.

I think the Tablet is here to stay for a while longer at least anyway but the days of heady sales numbers are probably gone, unless something changes at least.  Now where’s my Apple iPad 2 gone…!

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