SparqCode is another one of those 2D barcode services that let you scan a 2D barcode on any format that then delivers some kind of service or information to you.

Within 2 minutes, we’d downloaded and installed the SparqCode readers for Windows Mobile and the iPhone and we found the barcode scanner software extremely light and fast to use.

What’s great is that you can go to the SparqCode site and generate your own 2D barcodes that will instruct the phone to either:

  • Go to a website
  • Show a google map of a location
  • Automatically ring a number or send a text to a number
  • Send a business card
  • Download an app from your phones respective app store
  • Or just send some generic text to your phone

So you can now effectively use barcodes to take away the drudge of remembering lots of information you always forget!  but more importantly it also gives business a really nice way to launch some clever long tail marketing techniques into the mobile world.

We just need businesses to adopt and use it on all their marketing now for this to become a reality.

We’ll be testing this out very soon so check back for more.


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