We always like to do a supplier week when we add a new manufacturer and this week is no different.  We’ve actually been selling Sewoo for a while now but this week marks the start of a new relationship and one that we think could really go places in the mobile printing world!

Who the heck are Sewoo!

So just who are Sewoo, well we’re known for our expertise in South Korean and Taiwanese kit, it’s where all the innovation and great kit comes from in our humble opinion these days and Sewoo are no exception to that rule and lets see why:

  • First company to develop a dot impact printer mechanism for receipt printing in S.Korea.
  • Actively selling in over 40 countries globally with printers being used in more.
  • Sell a complete range of mobile, receipt, desktop and kiosk engines.
  • Great quality products but at great value for money.
  • Constant innovation sees a constant stream of new updates and new products.

I can add to that, the customer service is great, they have superb relationships with other South Korean PDA and tablet makers and we ‘re looking forward to working with a great company much deeper.

Product range

Sewoo’s product range has something for everyone and this is how we see their range:

Sewoo's budget line of portable receipt printer

Budget portable receipt printing

Great value 2/3/4″ receipt printers that are small, light and superb value for money.

2″ – LK-P21 click for more info

3″ – LK-P31 click for more info

4″ – LK-P41 click for more info

Sewoo make rugged printers!

Rugged mobile receipt/label printing

Serious Zebra alternatives at half the price and superb support.

2″ – LK-P11 click for more info

3″ – LK-P30 click for more info

4″ – LK-P43 click for more info

The LK-P20 EPOS focussed rugged portable printer

Rugged EPOS focussed receipt printing

A printer that can turn a Rugged PDA or Tablet into a store credit card solution.

2″ – LK-P20 click for more info

There’s also more in store but as you can see the Sewoo range is full, complete and aimed squarely at the business and Enterprise markets.

We’ll be talking more about Sewoo products as the week goes by!


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