Pidion Rugged PDA Vehicle Cradles – Brodit Joins the party

Rugged PDA vehicle cradles are always a bit of a disappointment and we like to make sure that all the options are shown up front because there’s nothing worse than buying 200+ devices only to find that the vehicle options are limited or naff.

Typically vehicle cradles for Rugged PDA’s are an overlooked option.  A lot of manufacturers (Including some of the larger brands) offer suction mount cradles more akin to something you’d find on Ebay rather than for a rugged PDA which is disappointing to see.  You harp on about how rugged is so important only to then be forced into providing a naff vehicle cradle!!

Pidion have been no exception to this.  However unlike a lot of manufacturers, Pidion listen and react to feedback and the result of this is that we now seeing a Brodit option for most of their devices.  This gives you a nice, clean rugged and elegant vehicle cradle solution at a decent price.

All the cradles come with a range of mount options, including the gooseneck option which is very sturdy and stiff, tower, RAM and proclip solutions, see below.

And the holders themselves come in passive, lighter socket or loomed power options.

The BM150R will hopefully be following suit soon and we’re looking forward to offering these Rugged PDA cradles as we think they’re great!  Available now, just ask for further advice.


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