So since we’re running a Rugged Android PDA list we thought we’d do the same for Rugged Android Tablets!  To be on this list you have to have the RAM stamp of approval, I’m sure some will sneak on but will need to have a reason or 2 to get on here but essentially the device has to be Mission Critical, Rugged and Android!

We want people to contribute so let us know of anything you find and want us to take a look at and we’ll post it right here!

Last Updated: 13/07/2012

ET1Motorola ET1 – Available

Still only WiFi , no phone or 3G on this model yet, it’s not cheap either so make sure you buy it with the service pack if you want faster and inexpensive repairs.  v2.3, no Ice cream sandwiches here just yet!  The bar code scanner is built-in to the camera, but it’s above average compared to most camera scanners.  You’d still want a BT scanner though.

Toughpad B1Panasonic Toughpad B1 – ETA Autumn 2012

Panasonic make tough computers and tablets and the Toughpad A1 and B1 are their 10.1″ and 7″ Android offerings.  Available soon, we’d expect them to be good but expensive too.

RAM-ATRAM A1 – New Device – ETA 1 month

OK, so we’re a little biased but we also know how to create and bring to market decent products and support them well.  Our first own branded tablet brings superb spec, full ruggedness with an innovative approach to service and support that rivals any manafacturer.Top spec, 7″ fully rugged tablet with full UK based service and support and few pleasant surprises up its sleeve.  Watch this space!

Pidion BP50/70 –  New Models ETA 9 months

10″ & 7″ Android Tablets form Pidion coming soon.  From our experience these will be 6-9 months away as we’ve only seen photos yet but they’ll follow in the same Pidion format being well specced and well priced.  However as with all Pidions the support and repair will be key so talk to us about that and you’ll be fine!

more to come soon…

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