Android is the most impacting thing to happen to the rugged market in years and it continues to disrupt and change what we sell and how things are done.  Today we’re doing a short round-up of all the Rugged Android devices we sell with a quick opinion on each one.  Remember to be rugged you have to qualify for the following:

  • IP54 or above rated
  • Drop tested
  • Proper support that has full UK business focussed warranty and services
  • Rugged design
  • Decent roadmap, although in the Android market this is becoming less of a demand.

I’ll do a coming soon blog later on in the week as there’s also some nice kit on the way!

Raptor R4

A new exciting device that’s probably only beaten in ruggedness by the Trimble (see below). Great screen, dual SIM so it works live with your work and personal SIM card, great spec and less than £300 each.  It’s also fully warrantied and repaired from right here in our own repair centre in Liverpool.

Trimble Juno T41

Big, rugged and top end price at well over £1000 each but it is “Rugged Android” done by a rugged PDA company.  The Juno T41 is the device for you if you need super ruggedness and a top notch GPS solution.

Winmate e430M2

The successor to the e430M series, the M2 updates the RAM/ROM. CPU and brings Android v 4.1.  These are the cheapest rugged android PDA’s you’ll find with a scanner built in, if you don’t need the scanner then the Raptor is better. These are form <£400 each.  Also repaired and warrantied from right here.

Winmate C350M2

Best described as a keypadded version of the e430M2. 3.5″ screen, numeric keypad and better ruggedness than the e430M2. It’s a real choice for those seeking a classic rugged pda choice but with an Android OS.

Pidion HM40

Small with a 2.8″ screen, choice of numeric or qwerty keypads with barcode scanner options, the HM40 is a superb device costing c £400 with an Android version.

Honeywell Dolphin 70e

Only available in Wifi only version at the time of writing, the Honeywell brings a nice classy “Rugged enough” device to the market. It’s well built, has a slim scanner built in but at roughly £550 each for 3G enabled versions (coming soon) there’s a lot better around for the money these days.

Honeywell Dolphin 7800

The classic 7800 rugged pda in Android guise.  Similar story as the Winmate ec350T above but priced at £750 upwards for 3G enabled models.

Intermec CN51

The newest device from Intermec sees a purpose built Android rugged PDA with some nice USP’s. Priced higher and starting at about £800 for 3G enabled versions the CN51 brings classic rugged android PDA to the market from one of the industries old dogs.

Rumours about Pidion

The HM50 no longer has Android slated for an option. We know it’s a very similar device to the HM40 so it wouldn’t take much but a business decision has been on this for now. The Bm170 and BIP-6000 have an Android OS option that we can retro fit here.

That’s it for now. There is other kit out there but what we sell is an intelligent mix of the best selling, best quality and best supported devices at the right price so we can’t recommend or sell everything any more or we wouldn’t be doing our job!

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Dave's one of the founders of Raptor, his rants are memorable, his thoughts are stimulating and his heart is set on helping, entertaining and making things like mobile, Android, ruggedness, 3D printing and IOT simple.

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