I thought I’d continue the Dotel themed week we seem to have ended up having!!  The Dotel H300 is a really great rugged PDA that is selling well and provides a lot of quality to the user.  What they miss, they listen and add for us which is just what you need with a new device.  Despite the H300 being new, Dotel as a company have been supplying parts to all the Korean manufactured PDA’s (including Samsung) for years so they know a thing or two when it comes to putting a rugged PDA together.

This week we got our hands on the qwerty version of the device and we haven;t been disappointed.  Qwerty keyboards are gaining popularity again and done right they also get over many of the issues that they bring with using the PDA. The Dotel H300 has a nice clean qwerty keyboard with keys spaced well, a good numeric mode for dialling in numbers and for stock taking etc and also a few extra bits and bobs including a backlight key.

The problem with qwerty keypads is that they are often moire difficult to use, “fiddly” in gloves and not well designed but, as with the numeric version, this version of the H300 doesn’t disappoint.  We’re already selling it and it’s not going to let customers down at all.

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