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Here’s a quick heads up about our progress implementing Psion products to our ever extending e-catalogue. Currently we’re working closely with Psion in order to gain our partnership status and bring their extensive range to us at Rugged and Mobile.

We at Rugged and Mobile will be focussing on Psion’s range of handheld computers in the coming week as we add them to our range and as we learn about them we’re finding we love them more and more!, ”why?” I hear you say…… because they’re rugged and they have great support!

Psion offer high levels of support for all their products ensuring your business continues operating. This links perfectly with our service based ethos that adding value to business can directly benefit our customers.

Often within this market the addition of another manufacturer, introducing more products, creating more product variants and model numbers can cause a headache for you guys, the end-user. However with our reviews, our expert knowledge and direct links into the manufacturer, we’ll clear the mist and make sure that more choice simply means you’ll always find the best product. We’ll always help you decide what products are right for your business.


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