We’re the leading reseller of Pidion in the UK and we’re always first with any news of new devices that hit the market.  Pidion have been rather busy the past year with many new products coming out over the past 12 months or so.  Today they have 2 important brand new handsets that have bene doing the rounds at various trade shows which are in 2 key rugged PDA sectors. The Pidion HM40 is what we would call here a small rugged PDA.  It’s a new entry for Pidion that will aim directly for the Opticon H21 and Intermec CS40 devices, has a 2.8″ LCD, choice of bar code scanner and a super up to date spec. The Pidion HM50 is a new lightweight Rugged PDA class device that will sit in between the existing BIP-5000 and BIP-6000 devices that Pidion already sell.  This device will bring a superb quality to this class as well as the same improved spec including rumours of a 1GHz Samsung CPU making both these devices potentially class leading in terms of power and a lot of other areas too.


As always we always like to understand the roadmap of a device and whilst the HM40 is clearly a brand new device for Pidion, the Pidion HM50 does look like a replacement for the BIP-5000.  THe message so far is that it isn’t, it will offer a better spec device for people who want it and who want to keep up but the BIP-5000 isn;t going anywhere for some time and is certainly not being “end of life” just yet.


To be announced and if we’re being honest about this I think it’s time for Pidion products in the UK to start addressing the price as their products are as good as anything else we sell.  However I would expect these to be under the price of most other rugged PDA’s we sell but watch this space. We’ll bring everything up to date as always as it happens and we’ll be getting a device to test in the next few weeks. The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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    • ruggedandmobile

      Not ye, but we’ll be first to let you know on here! My guess is that 3-4 months would be a realistic estimate to having one. We’ll be getting the first demo here in the next 2 weeks.