We have formal announcement now from Pidion that the rugged Android versions of their BM170 and BIP-6000 range are now fully available and order-able across the configurations they already sell.  All configs are supported as far as we can tell but just come back to us here to ensure you understand this fully.

The most important news is that the Windows Mobile and Android OS’s Pidion Rugged PDA’s will be interchangeable so as long as you purchase the OS upgrade you will be fine to swap them as you need.  We always knew this was technically possible but it is now also “politically” OK to do.  This is a major USP that will allow customers to not have to commit to a particular technology as the OS wars heat up, another first for Pidion!

Not only the BIP-6000 and BM170 get Android.  The new HM40 and Pidion HM50 series coming soon also have full Windows Embedded Handheld or Android options as Pidion build a decent roadmap for the android possibilities in the rugged market.

It’ll also allow customers to dabble with Android more knowing now they have trusty old Windows Mobile to fall back on if all else fails.  The Android upgrade should be around the £45-50 mark, the devices themselves are priced the same as their Microsoft counterparts and Pidion has confirmed full support for the Android versions they have bundled.

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