Pidion are undergoing a lot of changes right now and their Pidion Rugged PDA range is no exception.  Although you wouldn’t notice the changes form the outside, as this is a mid term upgrade, the differences to the devices are quite exciting in some cases.

The PDA’s that have been upgraded are the main selling BM170, BIP-5000 and BIP-6000 devices that form Pidions Semi rugged, lightweight rugged and super rugged PDA devices.  We’ll cover off here, exactly what has been changed, why and the benefits of the changes.

Pidion BM170 – Hardware changes

The BM170 is Pidions newest device so its no surprise that there is only 1 change and this is due to a manufacturer-wide LCD change.  The older Toppoloy LCD’s have now been changed for newer casio screens that are far brighter and more sensitive than the older screens used.  THe difference is actually quite stark and the experience the users will get is far more akin to the LCD’s you see on the Motorola series of rugged handhelds.  The change will not affect how the devices work.

Pidion BIP-5000 Changes

Like the BM170 the BIP-5000 has been the subject of the same LCD upgrade, wlthough in the BIP-5000 it remains a QVGA (320×240) resolution so it will fit in nicely with any current platforms.  The LCD has the same improvements being far brighter, more colourful as well as having a better digitiser.

The BIP-5000 has also undergone an upgrade to its GSM/GPRS radio chip where it now uses the newer Siemans MC75.  Like the older MC55 chip, the MC75 is found in a plethora of devices, they are established, stable and a quality product that will only bring further stability to the BIP-5000 range.

The stylus on the BIP-500 has also been upgraded with a nice quuality plastic metal with plastic ended stylus that is nearer in quality to the BIP-6000 one.

Pidion BIP-6000 Changes

The BIP-6000 has undergone the  most change.  Firstly the most exciting change is that new MAX RFID chip.  The internal RFID reader has undergone a total re-design which has seen the chip upgraded and the aerial moved and improved.  Our tests on our demo model have proven already that the range compared to the older BIP-6000 RFID series is vastly improved for HF reading and makes the BIP-6000 the best HF reading Rugged PDA available today.  We’re really impressed by this upgarde to be honest.

The LCD has also been upgraded in line with the above devices.  The LCD unit in the BIP-6000 remains a VGA (640×480) affair.

The Camera in the BIP-6000 has been replaced.  It rmeains as a 3MP unit but uses a newer Aptina Sensor which will improve images taklen with the device.

The device has also replaced its mDOC 512MB of ROM with a NAND version of the memory and it adds a G-Sensor to the board.  Our suspicions here are that it won’t be long before we see both Android and WM6.5 or WEH6.5 available fo rthis device and quite soon.

Pidion are doing a lot at the moment and are probably the most active of all Rugged PDA manufacturers at the moment.  There’s a lot in the pipeline and these changes will only m ake their kit more desirable and competent to use.  Don’t forget that we carry 100’s of devices here in our demo stock so if you’re in the market for a rugged PDA, just come and ask us for a loan so you can decide what’s right for you.  We also provide a range of service options for Pidion and other manufacturers delivered right from our very own service and innovation centre so be sure to check this out too.

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4 Responses

  1. Robert

    Is this Psion? Are they the same or what? We use Motorola, the MC55 has given us a lot of trouble though in the past so would be interested in seeing these.

    This blog is leading the way getting people to see what else there is.


    • ruggedandmobile

      Yes Pidion is a totally different barnd to Psion. The main USP of Pisdion is the price, unyet they are fully featured devices, sharing most of the components of the mainstream models. Give us a call or email if you want to take things further and we can show you a few devices.

  2. Mitch

    Awsome read, I never knew how good Pidion were until I read this blog. What about this BIP-1500 I can see on the pIdion website. Is this available now and does it come in 2 versions like on the website?

    • ruggedandmobile

      Hi Mitch

      The BIP-1500 is replacing the BIP-1300 but Pidion usually take their time when replacing models, overlapping them carefully to ensur ethey port the transition well. The 2 devices you see are actully the same device, 1 image shows the back and the other the front of the device. Very unusual but it does work.