Pidion HM45 Announced

Yikes its turning into Pidion rugged handheld week, but rest assured this is totally by accident!  Pidion have been very active in terms of new devices the past 12 months and there seems no sign of stopping with news of the Pidion HM45.

Part of the new range of HM series rugged handheld PDA’s, the HM45 is basically a full screen, PDA version of the HM40 series.  We first saw a picture of this device about 18 months ago on a new product list we were given but no-one at the time seemed to know what it was, now we do and it means that Pidion have a 3.5″ LCD fully rugged pda that’s in a smartphone-like format.

Pidion HM45 Highlights

You’ll notice that the Android soft keys are present on the device and we’ve been told that the Pidion HM45 is an Android only PDA sporting v4.0 of OS, so no Windows Mobile on this unless that changes.

The spec is very Android too with 16GB on-board ROM, that’s upgradable via the micro SD slot.  The 3.5″ capacitive LCD uses the 800×480 resolution seen on most smartphones these days and there’s a full spec of features including 5MP camera, a/b/g/n WiFi, Phone/3.5G, GPS and BT.

It’s disappointing to not see an NFC RFID chip which we’re seeing true demand for now.

Pidion are also being cagey about the price at the moment.  The price of the newer HM40 and HM45 series is definitely struggling to find a home, being squeezed from the bottom by the BM170 series and being hemmed in by the much-loved BIP series so at the moment we think the price will be in-line with the rest of the HM40 series but to work it needs to be slightly lower. Maybe this is why the RRP of the BM170-C has been “Temporarily” dropped recently to accommodate?

It’s fully rugged, but we feel falls more in to the durable class with a 1.2M drop spec and IP54 rating.  Apparently it’s based on Bluebirds own “TankSmith” technology but we’re yet to get a reasonable explanation of what this really is just yet!!

Most interestingly is the built in scanner option.  Spec either a 1D or 2D barcode scanner, no scanner is presently not looking like an option.

Lastly there are 2 battery choices.  The standard 1500mAh battery fits slim to the device, the 3000mAh extended battery puts a bump on the back.

Pidions HM45 is an interesting device, with Windows mobile it would have made more sense.  It will be interesting to see if this device will be able to compete with the likes of the Winmate e430 in this class and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we get hold of one to test.

No confirmed release date as yet.  We’d be surprised to see this in customers hands before the end of the year truth-be-told but we’ll announce release dates and prices as soon as we get them.

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