The New Pidion BM170

Pidion are fast becoming the choice for the small cheap rugged PDA that just work.  However a common complaint by customers, when looking at the rugged option, is that the Rugged PDA counter parts are just not feature packed or have high enough specs when compared to non-rugged, HTC PDA’s.

We know that these cons’ are also the main Pro’s of Rugged devices as slightly less up to date components keep costs down, create a more stable device and of course they allow you to commit to a platform that will perform over years unchanged without having to worry about devices going end of line or changes to their make-up disrupting your solution.

However Pidion have reacted to this with the BM170 and we got a first look of an engineering device a few months ago and were very impressed with it.  Not only is it highly specified and small, but it actually looks really good too!!  Some are already calling it the rugged iPhone!!

The device is on its way to us and a few key customers now and we’ll update you all soon when it finally arrives in the UK in earnest.

What the BM170 gives businesses is a choice they have never had before.  Whilst businesses love the Pidions BM150R, ganedata’s GX8010 and Airo’s A25 and A30, we have seen a trend into wanting Semi-rugged PDA’s that more closely resemble consumer phones in terms of features, spec and desirability.  The BM170 fills that gap.


All models have a PXA 320, 806Mhz CPU with 128/256MB RAM configuration, 3.5″ QVGA screen and Windows Mobile 6.5, BT/WiFi.

There are 5 models slated for release:

BM170-C – Tops the range with 256MB RAM, VGA screen, 3MP Camera, AGPS and HSDPA

BM170-B – 128MB RAM, QVGA screen, 3MP Camera, AGPS and HSDPA

BM170-L3 – 256MB RAM, VGA screen, AGPS, no WAN

BM170-L2 – 128MB RAM, QVGA screen, no WAN

BM170-L1 – 128MB RAM, 3MP Camera, QVGA screen, no WAN

All models are available to order now and should be available mid-late July 2010.  Come and talk to us if you’re looking for one now and we’ll be able to help.

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