The Pidion BM170 is a well selling Semi-Rugged PDA that currently gives users in this class the only choice of a device with a large 3.5″ LCD and PDA form factor device.

Whilst the Pidion BM170 accessories list is already fairly decent for a device of this class, a cradle has been missing from the accessory line up, we’ve been asking for one for the BM170 for some time now and it has finally arrived and we have the first snap shots in the UK of it here.It’s small and compact in design which fits the semi-rugged nature of the BM170 and it’ll will make development, data transfer and charging more convenient for customers using the device. If differs from its main rivals’ cradle (Motorola ES400) with an added separate battery charge slot on the back of the device which will charge either a standard or extended battery at the same time as charging the device.The cradle keeps the same price as the outgoing BM150R’s cradle was and will be available from August 2011.

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