Pidion BM150R

Pidion BM150R – Same case, better options

The BM150R took a while to wake up but in the past 12 months it has gained some serious momentum as the demand for “Semi-Rugged” PDA’s increases.

There were some nuisances to the range, both in terms of pricing and functionality, however Pidion have now attended to most of these, making the BM150R a real contender in this market place.

The BM150R Proposition

The BM150R is squarely aimed at the user who’s looking for a good range of functionality at a great price point.  In the rugged market it’s usually about what you’re willing to sacrifice in a device and with the BM150R it’s not cost for a change!

OK, so it’s not fully rugged but there are a lot of customers out there who don’t need an IP rated device and who haven’t got the budget to buy a fully rugged device.  There are also a lot of people who want a device that’s small enough to use as an everyday phone but knowing that the device they choose is rugged enough, has a good roadmap and won’t be vanishing any time soon.  The backup of full support services, equal to any rugged PDA is also something that is available at a very reasonable cost on the BM150R.  With the networks starting to end their support on anything rugged, this is becoming a more common need for our customers and this class of device is exactly what most customers are now looking to progress their creaking HTC platforms on to.

The Range Explained

The range starts with non GSM enabled pure “PDA’s” and goes through an increasingly more appropriate feature set that we feel mirrors what most people want.  We do however have the ability to mix and match certain elements here so talk to us if you’re not seeing exactly what you need.

BM150R-M – 1.3MP Cam, GPS, BT

BM150R-AC – 1.3MP Cam, GPS, BT, Ext Batt

BM150R-P – 1.3MP Cam, GPS, BT, WiFi

BM150R-W – 1.3MP Cam, GPS, BT, WiFi, GSM/GPRS

BM150R-S – 1.3MP Cam, GPS, BT, WiFi, GSM/HSDPA

BM150R-V – 1.3MP Cam, GPS, BT, WiFi, GSM/HSDPA, Ext Batt

The BM150R-W are the most popular model we sell, making up about 80% of BM150R sales.  The R-V pretty much makes up the rest but we can provide r-W models with extended battery options if required.  We can also still get WM5.0 versions of the above if needed but be very careful of buying older model numbers as GPRS chips among other things have been upgraded meaning the devices will behave slightly differently if either later upgraded or simply due to older models like the R-I having different chips in it.


Prices start at under £300 and don’t get an awful lot higher for the GPRS versions.  HSDPA versions come in at under the £450 mark making them very competitive, even with HTC rivals which will cost your business far more in the long run.

What we have found with all Pidion devices is that it takes expert knowledge to understand them, the accessories and all the little nuances they have.  However with our help we’re always able to find something that works for customers on the Pidion range and the BM150R is an exceptionally competent little device.

Come talk to us if you need any help as we’re fast becoming the leading UK sellers of Pidion as well as being the leading experts on Pidion.


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