The Opticon-3301 wireless Bluetooth laser scanner, is going to be one of the smallest and lightest cordless laser scanners on the market. Weighing only 110g (including the battery folks!),  means the OPR-3301 will be an extremely comfortable  wireless barcode scanner, especially for prolonged scanning.

We saw this barcode scanner at the latest EPOS show put on in Manchester last month and I have to say we were fairly impressed from a technical viewpoint.  It’s exceptionally light and it has a nice overall feel to it and it clips solidly into its cradle so you know you can fix the cradle vertically and the scanner will be secure.  The battery size is a decent 1100mAH battery and should provide around 25 hours of use when scanning every 5 seconds.

Refreshingly everything comes in the box with the OPR-3301 including scanner, PSU, and USB/RS232 cables and the 3301 can use the same stand as the 3201 series.

We played with the 1D version, i’m not sure if there will be a 2D one as yet and it had the same excellent scanning engine that all Opticon’s tend to have.

The winner for me is that this scanner not only connects to its base station but it can also connect directly to any Bluetooth device including Rugged PDA’s, PDAs and laptops which will make it extremely versatile.  We’re a little disappointed not to see class 1 bluetooth (100m range) though and this comes with the standard 10M range.  We feel that this will be a direct competitor for the Zebex Z-3051BT which has 100m range and a sub £200 price tag.

Another nice feature is the “Call” button so if you lose the scanner you can locate it easily just like with your wireless home phone!  Might sound ridiculous but in the real world this could prove quite useful.  I can see shop keepers all over the land calling for their scanners this way when lost under a stack of newspapers!

A Varlink representative can be quoted as saying “…providing the perfect low-cost solution for cordless barcode scanning and barcode data collection in retail, back office, healthcare and light industrial environments…” so lets hope the price lives up to the expectation.

We’ll be stocking the OPR-3301 very soon, with mid December availability.

Meanwhile check Opticons pages for more.

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