At last the OPN-2002 is now available, which extends the functionality of the OPN-2001 by adding bluetooth.

Opticon OPN-2002 batch barcode scanner

Opticon OPN-2002 batch barcode scanner

The OPN-2000 series is extremely small, very lightweight at 30 grams and has a class leading aggressive 1D barcode scanner, easily capable of 100 scans/sec.  It can scan barcodes and store up to 25,000 in its internal 1 MB of memory which can be download via USB or Bluetooth to any PC.

IP42 rated, the little barcode scanner is almost “Rugged”, in fact we’ve used it here and whilst it is very light and small it is indeed a tough little unit.  It also comes with a lanyard so you can easily use it and not worry about dropping or losing the unit.

Live, direct barcode scanning can also be performed either through the Bluetooth or USB interface giving the same kind of functionality that a normal Barcode Reader has.

As if that wasn’t enough, either charge the unit using the USB connection or use the optional 10 slot charging cradle.

These are very popular with Universities at the moment and they’re selling in there 1000’s.

Sarah Esders comments, “We have had seen great levels of interest around the OPN-2001 and expect the OPN-2002 to be just as well received within the channel especially with the added capability of Bluetooth. It is an ideal mobility partner for connecting to Bluetooth enabled devices such as PDAs, rugged laptops, tablet PC’s and clinical assistants providing a low-cost solution for adding scanning capabilities to non-scanning devices”.

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