We’re having a Pidion BM170 sale at the moment and as of today the BM170-C are selling at £390 each, £380 if you want more than 10. The BM170-C is the top of the range model sporting the higher base spec of PXA 806MHz processor, 256MB RAM, VGA LCD and Windows Mobile 6.5.  Add to this a useful 3MP camera with flash, GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi and it’s a smartphone spec device in a semi-rugged case design. In the box you’ll find everything you need to get going including a powers supply, USB lead, LCD protector and Stylus and with an ever-growing list of accessories you’ll be able to get the Pidion BM170-C to work for you in any scenario you have. Add £30 and you get access to our full service and support portal for 12 months making this one heck of a cracking deal. Offer stands until further notice so give us a call and we’ll match any price you find. The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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