New pictures have surfaced of the new Project Pink smart phones in development from Microsoft. The smartphones have been developed as a result of their Zune player’s Multimedia platform. Both of the pictures been released have qwerty keypads and one of them has a touch screen. They will be built by manufacturer Sharp and are expected to be co-branded by Microsoft and the Japanese manufacturer. This has been no surprise as Microsoft acquired the Sidekick smartphone family from Sharp two years ago. It has been no surprise also that the Project Pink smartphones have been aimed at the same audience as the Sidekicks were developed for.

Not much information has been released regarding the spec of the smartphones, but as far as the pictures are to go by, there is nothing groundbreaking here. Looking very similar to what has been released previously from Sidekick, not much is very different with the new Project Pink smartphones. What is noticeable though is the similarity between the smartphone that is completely black and the phones that have been released by rival maker HTC. Looking very similar to the HTC Touch Pro 2 and the HTC Touch2, we at Rugged and Mobile suspect that not much thought has been placed on the design element of the phones. With no specification sheets been released as of yet, we will have to wait to see if they are as good as previous smartphone releases.

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