Over the past few years mobile communications have grown significantly, mainly due to the trend of being able to do practically anything on our phones. Due to this rapid change in the market, it has been necessary to put in place global standards. The GS1 had developed and put in place a Management Board in order to implement standards in to the market.

The aim of the Management Board is to develop the global standards for mobile commerce and lead global companies in the development of these standards for trusted and efficient mobile communication between businesses and customers via mobile phones.

The Board has recognised the opportunity to extend the GS1 standards that are already in place for Business –to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) processes. Areas such as Barcodes and RFID tags, Data Exchange and Product data relating to consumer information will be affected.

It is hoped that Manufacturers, Suppliers, Operators, Retailers and Associations will come together to agree upon these open and global mobile communication standards. This is also an effort to avoid complexities whilst also reducing costs and ensuring interoperability. Companies are actively encouraged to join the GS1 Management Board and take an active role in the development of the GS1 mobile communication regulations.

Mobile Technology, and mobile communication, is increasingly becoming key to companies marketing campaigns to consumers, and it is hoped that the GS1 regulations will drive efficiency and develop how consumer action is developed on new and emerging mobile technologies.

This is a great step forward in to understanding and considering the needs and wants of the consumer. How many times have we received a text that is spam or is trying to sell us something we don’t want? I have and I know many others have as well. This is a great step forward in regulating how companies go about their mobile marketing campaign, and speaking to everyone in the process is a great start in making it more efficient and providing to the needs of consumers.

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