One second app in so many weeks has been launched and this ones really useful!

It;s a barcode scanner demo that is designed to show you exactly what a Raptor device can do with it’s built in barcode scanner.  You might be surprised.  Using the open source Xzing framework, we downloaded, tweaked and improved it for our Raptors to the point where we think it’s one of the best barcode scanners we’ve seen in terms of performance from the built in camera.

Install on any Android based device, simply download the Barcode scanner app for the link button below or search for it using “raptor hub barcode scanner” in the Google Play store on your phone!

What does Barcode scanner demo do?

  • Use it to check if your hardware will be able to perform the barcode scanner operation you need it to.
  • Check how lighting conditions can affect your barcode scanning by using the built in flash tool.
  • Check the contents of any barcode.
  • Check the barcode type of any 1D or 2D barcode label.
  • Use it as a basis for your own scanning application or get us to help you sew in the technology to your own app.

The Raptor Barcode scanner demo tool is just one of the apps in our Raptor tool belt ecosystem.  Come check it out and see how business/enterprise solutions are done!

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