We interrupt this Android series for a quick announcement!

Motorola Solutions are the bit of Moto left over after Google bought their ailing Mobile business last year, and on Friday they announced that they were buying Psion, another established brand in the Rugged PDA market.  The value is said to be about $130M.  Psion ‘s turnover is about $170M annually so this is a good deal for Motorola in our view.

Psion are largely credited with inventing the PDA and Symbian, the now largely forgotten OS that dominated the mobile world for so long.  With 800+ employees it’s not as big as many people think though these days with many Asian rugged PDA manufacturers far greater in size.

Psion’s range has wavered in the past years in our opinion, with the IKON and especially field based PDA’s not selling in great numbers, although it is does carry some well-known and much-loved devices like the Work About Pro series too.

I’m personally not sure what the buyout gives Motorola in terms of the range and the business itself.  Lets hope it’s not another hunt for patents and I’m sure it’ll pan out in the months to come.

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