Motorola has been pushing Soti quite a bit recently to us so it came as a little bit of a surprise to hear they’re selling MSP to Airwatch.  MSP, for those that don’t know, is Motorola’s own mobile device management platform.  It’s been around for years and has arguably been the best choice for Motorola rugged PDA’s and devices for years. The whole MSP business is going to Airwatch with the intention that Moto will then support both the Soti and Airwatch platforms going forward. Expectations are that there’ll be no change to how we sell or use MSP for about a year, when MSP will be assimilated into Airwatch.

A good thing?

Well from Motorola’s side, the mobile landscape has changed hugely in the past 10 years and MSP is a product that’s fighting a losing battle.  People change their kit more frequently, there are a growing choice of operating systems and there’s a new mobile device management platform every month these days so selling up is not a bad strategy as keeping up might have become impossible for them. However MSP was also a product that kept you firmly in the Motorola family as it only ran on Moto kit, but it got a lot of focus, it worked really well, the engagement with the supplier was great and for us resellers it gave us a margin and kept us engaged.  It’ll be interesting to see just how much of it gets re-used and how much gets left behind by Airwatch. What’s most interesting though is just how Motorola is changing its whole focus these days.  In our humble opinion, it’s putting all its eggs in a few big baskets, removing key areas of innovation and all but removing its established relationships with many smaller resellers, it’s not moving in the right direction in our view. The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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  1. Joshua Barker

    My understanding is that MSP was axed because of low sales and that they couldn’t keep up with Soti. The low sales were because of MSP costing a great deal more than competing solutions like Soti’s MobiControl. They looked at purchasing Soti, but apparently Soti’s worth a lot more money than one would think. Also, keep in mind that MSP’s remote control was a purchased older version of Soti’s remote control that only worked well on WiFi and they never made enough strides to get it competitive with the current versions.

    I was told that Soti will be a first class partner for them going forward and will have more hooks into Moto Solutions products.

    Just to keep things in perspective, Honeywell’s Remote Mastermind is also a partnership with Soti and is basically MobiControl with Honeywell hooks licensed as a separate product. You can even do a one-time transfer of licenses from MobiControl to Remote Mastermind.