Despite the short Google connection, Motorola have been a little bit slow on the Android uptake but with 3 devices running the OS so far and now the MC67, they’re playing catch up fast!

The MC67 is Motorola’s super rugged version of the MC55/65 series bringing a fairly compact, classic rugged PDA to the market and it brings a solid piece kit to the Android marketplace giving customers a choice in the OS they now run on the device.

You’ll get the exact same architecture as the WIndows EMbedded Handheld 6.5 version of the device excpet this version runs Android Jelly Bean, v4.1.

We’re currently not sure how the OS sits on the device and which versions of the MC67 it’ll run on.  So whether it will run all the scanner options, if all the keypad types are supported, the price and if the MC67 Android version has a focussed keypad option remains to be seen, but we’ll be sure to spill the beans as soon as we know more.

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  1. Larry Silverman

    It was determined that Android 4.1.1 contained a Heartbleed-vulnerable version of the OpenSSL library. Any idea which specific 4.1.X this device runs?