Motorola MC65 Announced
Brings the MC55 bang up to date, has better ruggedness but it's very expensive.
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The Motorola MC65 rugged PDA has just been announced by Motorola and we’re told that it will be an MC55 replacement replacing both the trusty MC5574 (with GSM/GPRS) and MC5590 (Without GSM/GPRS) range.  The Motorola MC55 is probably the most popular rugged PDA sold today so the Motorola MC65 will have a tough act to follow and will need to be right.

Statement from Motorola:

“Motorola introduces the new MC65 mobile computer — the next step in the evolution of Motorola’s popular mid-range MC55 rugged enterprise digital assistant (EDA). The MC65 preserves the MC55’s field proven, rugged and pocketable form factor, but adds distinct differentiation with its single hardware 3.5G WAN configuration that is “in-the-field” software switchable from CDMA EVDO Rev A to GSM HSPA. The MC65 also includes updated accessories that enable easy customization to meet the unique needs of today’s business application with the manageability, security and scalability of the MC55.”

We can tell you that the MC65 will be an evolutionary product with a nice soft upgrade to most of the components including the eGPRS, CPU, RAM and LCD.  It has the upgraded scanners as a n option too which will keep it at the forefront of PDA scanning in our humble opinion here!

We’ll know more at the end of the month so keep watching for more.


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