OK, OK, I know, we work with Motorola Solutions in this industry but we thought it was also news to see how the rest of the company is doing since it got bought by Google in 2012. Motorola needs to change its image in its “phone” hardware division. Maybe this is the reason why Motorola has decided to change its company logo. The logo first appeared on the site of ‘Techweek’, a technology conference Motorola is co-sponsoring in Chicago this week. The tagline “a Google company” now appears below the logo as well, letting us all know that the hardware company are now officially part of Google and have been for a good year now.  The logo has switched to all lower case and looks both thinner and softer than the usual classic bold and italic “MOTOROLA” that has been used for many years and what made people familiar with the Motorola brand. It’s software, more 2013 but will Motorola’s product range keep up, with the launch of its new X-Phone later this year we’ll soon see! The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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