Rugged PDA Repair is a real conundrum these days but we thought we’d let customers know that we now repair Motorola ES400’s here with genuine parts.  We can’t touch under warranty items but once out of warranty we’re here, we’re fast, efficient and offer great value.

We can only talk for ourselves and the resellers we talk to but the Motorola ES400 is certainly our most poorly performing PDA here with over 25% per annum being recalled or repaired in some way and you can add to this if you could all the software and OS related calls we get.  However the device is still very popular and as such there’s a lot of people out there needing ES400 Repairs and general help.

Rugged and Mobile already repair the brands to full warranty and comprehensive service levels so why not add the ES400 to this list?  Our customers (and a lot of others) are using our services now where they know they’ll get ad hoc out of warranty repairs for reasonable prices, returned fast but most importantly where they’ll be treated like we want to hear from them.  With our full repair service centre portal…RAMHub we’re able to offer superb service and communication to anyone that needs it.

We’re re-launching RAM Support in the next 7 days and I’ll send out links as we get everything live!  This will be a place where the focus is firmly on customers who need help.

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